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Kodiak Hits

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Kodiak Hits

We will be re-opening soon with a a New Owner/Admin, so please bear with the New Owner, as he peps the site back up for you.


NOTE ! ! NOTE ! ! - UPDATE: Tuesday Sept. 27, 2016

A few of you, may have noticed, I am the New Owner/Admin of ( ALL MY THANKS to Patty and, Nancy as well )

Presently I have it set so that current Members CANNOT LOGIN and New members CANNOT Signup - There will not be too many major changes except on the pricing for monthly and yearly Upgrades ( reduction by roughly 30% to 35% - One new Upgrade Level will be added -  As far as Cash Out - There will be NO REQUESTS I do it MANUALLY once you have reached your cash ot level ( This has worked out pretty will over the past few years at my other sites - Cash Out will most likely range from $15.00 to $8.00 - Commissions earned will mostly range from 10% to 40%

The Daily/Weekly Top Surfer will be elimated, in its place Top Promoter Contest twice a month with Cash and Credit Prizes - I will be adding on the I-Pro-X Coins and the Rotator/Tracker Feature - - In the meantime do not promote ( New Members will not be able to signup.

All My Thanks for your time and bearing with.

I will update this page as warranted.

Joseph Petrosky, Owner/Admin, The SIMPLE TE GROUP SITES


Almost Forgot - Cancel any Paypal Subscription you may have for Kodiak Hits - You will be wasting your money if you do not do so -  As I said there will be new pricing

UPDATE: Tuesday, Sept. 27 -  ALL MY THANKS to, Thea, for bringing the next matter to my attention:

All Current Founder Members and Enterprise Pro Lifetime Members will remain as they are with benefits



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Kodiak Hits is a LFMTE manual traffic exchange that was created to provide
its members with an endless stream of traffic to their opportunities
and advertising sites through the use of page views, banner ads and text ads.

Kodiak Hits has 3 membership levels, Free, Basic Pro and Enterprise Pro.
Take the tour, surf a bit, then decide what works best for you.

Kodiak Hits has Bear Points

What is Bear Points?
BEAR POINTS are found while surfing.
Redeem them for Credits, Banner or Text Impressions,
Login Banner Ads, Startpages

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I use this TE everyday. One of the best out there with the new script. Join, you won't be sorry. George Lane
I like This site. Lori does a great job running her Traffic Exchanges. Her sites are well constructed. She is also a very understanding Owner/Admin. Robert Bittner TE owner
The admin is top notch - professional, friendly, and responsive. The surfing is smooth. Bear Points for surfing is a fun, free benefit. This TE is a must join, must use, must have.
Good, clean easy surfing here on the new LFMTE Script, featuring Bear Points ( collect points for credits, start pages, monthly upgrades and etc. ) weekly 2-way surf promos, guaranteed surf rewards and much more - well established TE with a dedicated and responsive Owner/Admin  Joe P. aka jpjpjp