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Other email providers bounce emails, we want you to get
all the news, promo codes etc. from Traffic Pirates.
Plus bounced emails will cause your account to be suspended.

Kodiak Hits is a 100% free to join, manual surf traffic generating system.
Ideal for advertisers, webmasters, Internet Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Home Businesses seeking website traffic, lead generation, business branding and of course income and residual income.

What makes Kodiak Hits different?
Simplicity and service. We take away the mystery of website advertising by making it very simple to use with easy to use features. Our service is personal and reliable however, we also have full time jobs and we are not perfect but we will always do our best to look after you, and we always aim to provide you with a service we can be proud of.

WHAT Kodiak Hits IS NOT

Kodiak Hits is NOT an "autosurf", "HYIP", MLM or investment scheme of any kind. It is not a PTC site any cash income from surfing or clicking text links must be used to purchase advertising.

Can I Have More Than One Membership At Kodiak Hits

NO ABSOLUTELY NOT! Only one membership per person per IP address is allowed. Signing up for more than one membership is considered theft. Your accounts will be cancelled, and you will lose all credits and any accrued downlines, any commissions and you will be banned from any future sign up at the site includes all members even paid memberships. As well your IP address, user name and all profile information will be forwarded to a central Admin and could result in being deleted and banned from several surf sites.

Can I pay people to view sites for me?
Absolutely not. Kodiak Hits operates on the principle that you are actively viewing other member's sites. If you are found to be using friends, employees, autobots or any form other than personal viewing to view sites your membership will be terminated includes all members even paid memberships.

Can we SPAM people to promote Kodiak Hits
NO! We have a zero tolerance spam policy and your account will be terminated without recourse upon any complaints includes paid memberships!
SPAM is when you send an email to someone who never requested it and we receive a complaint as a result of your action.
If you need help with ways to promote your Kodiak Hits referral page, please email us and we will make suggestions.

Can I use Paid to Join Programs to get new referrals to Kodiak Hits?
NO...This is considered a form of cheating! Do Not use Paid to Join programs or you will get your account suspended and or deleted.

We offer referral contests and promos where you can earn cash, credits, banner/text links for bringing in referrals. As such we want active members 99% of all members from a Paid To Join (PTJ) program are inactive and only surf the minimum pages. They only join because they are getting paid to join then disappear like smoke leaving an inactive bunch of advertising behind. Why should you have to view their sites knowing they will never look at yours again. We will be watching to see where all members are coming from especially when we run referral promos.

HOW DOES Kodiak Hits
Kodiak Hits works on the very simplest of principles 100% Free! Designed to reward members based on activity, so the more you use Kodiak Hits, the more traffic you can receive to promote your business, offers, programs and sites. The total design is based on active member participation to generate targeted website traffic. Every time you log in, you will view websites belonging to other members. The more websites you visit, the more visits YOU will get in return.
You get full page views from potential prospects costing you absolutely nothing!
1) You view other members full-page website ads so they will view your website ads
2) 468 and 125 banners placed around the site for other members to view and click on
3) Text link ads strategically placed on the site for clicking and visibility
4) Referral Mailer you can send emails to all members you personally refer to join 
Kodiak Hits

5) Specialty Advertising includes: Login Ads, Start Pages, Reserved Pages, Special Ads and more
You can also purchase advertising if you do not wish to do any of the above and still have your site viewed.


Don\'t have time to surf or prefer not to surf? No problem!
You may purchase (your option) any competitively priced advertising package or any of our reasonably priced upgrades that include free advertising options.

Why would I pay to advertise when it's free?

As a free member, your site will usually be shown to other members once for every three pages you view. Paid members sites will be shown more frequently.
Also as a paid member you get bonus advertising every month that will reduce or eliminate the need to surf

How many visitors(views) will I get if I visit 100 member websites?

That depends...You Start at a base and get dynamically increase the more you surf
FREE Crew Members earn a 2:1 visitor ratio. You receive one view of your site for every two sites you view. If you view 100 member websites, you'll receive 50 page views to your own website.
Upgraded members get higher base ratio rates.

Kodiak Hits rewards active surfers. Be sure to look for your bonus credits, cash and prizes as you surf. Also the dynamic surf ratio automatically increases the more you surf. So in fact, our surf ratio does two things; It makes sure traffic is flowing and you GET page views to your site.

We allow all sorts of sites, the choice is yours, we also allow rotators but beware if we find a site that we do not allow the entire rotator will be deleted, If you continually submit bad non allowed sites your membership will be deleted and any commissions, credits, referrals will be forfeited.


In order to make the surfing experience pleasant and effective for all our members
TRAFFIC PIRATE HITS does not allow the following:
- No POP UPS AT ALL no exit, stay on page etc when click to leave your site
- Pages that contain less than 80% English
- Any Paid-To-Promote (PTP>
- High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP), Ponsi schemes
- Framebreakers
- Sites that stop the time clock
- Sites that promote gambling, illegal matrices
- Sites with pornography or images or content designated for mature audiences
- Sites that run hidden searches, viruses/worms/malicious software
- Sites that attempt to download additional material without permission
- Anything that promotes hatred of people, cultures or race
- Anything that is, contains, or promotes the sale of illegal materials, tobacco or alcohol.

What if I see prohibited sites while surfing?

Please report any sites that do not meet the qualifications set forth in the above.
You may do this using the Report Site link on your surfbar. We will check out your report and remove sites as needed.


100% free to join and use! This Site is free to use and purchasing additional advertising or premium membership is optional and is not required

What Cash Commissions Do You Pay?
As Per Payment Processors Rules: Cash Payments on commission earnings are as follows

Referral Commission Cash Payments:
All members (including FREE) will only be paid cash for referral OTO and Advertising Purchases!

Click "Gambling" Commission Wins:
No Members (including UPGRADED) will be paid any cash obtained by clicking, required to click, promo wins, anything other than purchases.
NONE (ZERO) WILL BE PAID IN CASH. All these type of commissions must be used to purchase advertising or Upgrades

Kodiak Hits

We Run A Clean Fun Responsive Site, Remember little person eyes could be sitting with mom or dad and they could see the ads
Please Follow Rules, your membership depends on it.

Any Unanswered Questions Please Contact Help Desk

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